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6 Drops of Hope...

We are sure you will agree that hope plays a vital role in giving purpose, setting goals and achieving desired outcomes.

We all know it’s been a rocky road the last 12 months. We have learnt so much from when the pandemic first hit, we now have knowledge and learnings – lots of learnings!

Everywhere you look, hope is making a comeback. The COVID ‘6 drops of hope’ vaccination rollout in Australia this week is bringing a renewed optimism. We know the plan, we understand some of the barriers and what will be done if those challenges arise. In turn, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be so much brighter.

How do we bring more hope into our personal and professional lives?

We have created an easy HOPE action plan (Hope, Obstacles, Plan, End Result) based on the research of Rick Snyder and Shane Lopez, to help you build hope and have a far greater success rate in achieving your goals. This is even more useful in uncertain times.

Hope and in turn optimism is most effective when built and created, and is not just held by 'those naturally positive folk’.

Using the HOPE plan approach can help us change behaviours and significantly increase the likelihood of achieving our goals.

Hope arrives when its' three key pillars come together. It produces motivation, a combination of intention and action - and that's when the magic happens.

  1. Mental willpower (you have a car and a map)

  2. Waypower (you have fuel)

  3. You have a vision of your goal (knowing the destination)

Using the HOPE plan as a roadmap to align your dreams and actions is simple and highly effective. You can use it for any goal, whether you want to achieve your goal today or over coming months.

  • Get 10k steps done today – HOPE it

  • Build a new business action plan by next month – HOPE it

In building your HOPE plan, the key is to choose a goal that is challenging, compelling and REALISTIC. If the goal isn’t realistic, motivation drops. A goal should be improvement based, not performance based.

If your goal feels unrealistic, break it down into staged goals, the first being an improvement on where you are today, and then build the next.

The HOPE Action Plan

H – Hope

  • What is your goal? What do you wish for in your life?

  • Visualise your goal and plan the timeline

O – Obstacles

  • What is standing in the way of achieving your goal?

  • Visualise potential roadblocks that may come up and solutions. This way you will have increased intent to overcome these obstacles and they are less likely to divert you away from achieving your goals

P – Plan

  • Put your obstacle and action into a plan

  • When I ………………….. (obstacle) then I will ……………….. (action to overcome)

  • Write it down somewhere handy (maybe keep a copy on your phone) and revisit it daily, or weekly (or hourly for a same day goal!). This will keep you focussed and help to identify any new obstacles along the way

E – End Result

  • Visualise your desired outcome and timeframe

  • Stay focussed to reducedistraction

This action plan keeps us moving toward our goals by having an alternative route when one pathway becomes blocked, all by identifying and planning for obstacles.

By building action oriented thinking which is focused on improvement versus performance, we create long term behavioural change. This approach is scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of achieving our goals by up to 60%, as well as improving our overall well-being.

Now that gives us all HOPE!

The Inspire Collective specialise in helping businesses thrive through people and customer strategies. We offer various workshops including "Building Resilience and Creating HOPE".

Check out our latest workshop update below.

Ref: Gabriele Oettingen – ‘Rethinking positive thinking’

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